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The Ultimate WordPress AutoBlogging Plugin!

WP Robot is a WordPress plugin designed to make it easy to create powerful autoblog sites quickly. WP Robot will allows you to autopost Amazon products, Articlebase articles, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads, Flickr images, Yahoo Answers Q&A’s, Youtube videos, Yahoo news and external RSS feed on your blog by just entering the keyword you want the content to be posted. In addition, WP Robot can translate and rewrite any post that it creates. You can include your affiliate ID in any Amazon, Clickbank or eBay post to help monetize your blog.

WP Robot provides a comprehensive, fully customizable, and modular package enabling customers to select the best combination of software to meet all their needs. The software package includes 10 modules that offer an easy to use, powerful autoblog solution for WordPress blogs:

1. WP Robot Amazon Module

* Automatically create Amazon product posts for any keyword you want to target in your niche.
* Add REAL customer reviews to your blog posts as comments.
* Posibility to scrape the full Amazon description including all tables and images.

2. WP Robot Article Module

* Automatically post articles for any keyword you specify.
* Templating system to change the look of your posts.
* Option to include author box in posts.

3. WP Robot eBay Module

* Create good looking eBay auction posts on any keywords you want.
* Add up to 6 different auctions to a single post.
* Editable post template and many other options.

4. WP Robot Clickbank Module

* Free and included in every copy of WP Robot!
* Automatically post Clickbank ads on your blog.

5. WP Robot Yahoo Answers Module

* Post targeted questions from Yahoo Answers related to any topic and niche.
* Adds all the answers of the question as comments to the created posts!
* Filter questions by Yahoo Answers categories.

6. WP Robot Youtube Module

* Add Youtube videos that might interest your readers to your blog without lifting a finger.
* Retreives the Youtube comments and adds them as comments to your blog.

7. WP Robot Flickr Image Module

* This module helps to add screnshots, images and other media on any topic from to your blog automatically
* Has customizable options, that includes choice of image size, licensing and sort mode.
* It can add images to posts created by any of WP Robot’s other modules by the templating system.

8. WP Robot Yahoo News Module

* Post targeted content from Yahoo News related to any topic and niche.
* Choose from many different languages, including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
* Uses the official Yahoo News API (a free Yahoo Application ID is required to use this module).
* Add up to 5 news stories in a single WordPress post.

9. WP Robot RSS Module

* Post targeted content from any RSS Feed you can find to your blog on autopilot.
* Posts the full article of the RSS feed (and not just a short description) if available!
* If the module finds any it will also add all the comments available in the RSS feed (i.e. for WordPress blog feeds).

10. WP Robot Translation Module


How To Build A Website

The popular and useful tools for sharing by creating websites such as networking, business sites, gaming sites and so on is the World Wild Web. Almost anybody can create their own website. It is a good tool to reach out and share ideas. Website is also very effective in promoting businesses for attracting potential consumers.
There are many ways to create a website. It will depend usually on the web hosting you chose that will likely guide you on how to build a website and also the knowledge you have in making one. Almost all web hosting sites present an easy use settings and entering the contents you want to publish is the only thing left to do. There other web hosting site that lets you start from scratch and compose your own html codes, scripts and etcetera. Choosing the way to build your site will be up to you.
There are many information being shared on the World Wide Web that will teach you on how to build a website in easy steps. Choosing the domain name is important to be done as a first step and this can be the name of company or brand. Web hosting service offers cheap packages for building a website. To conceptualize the content will be the next step in doing your website.
You have to determine what the purpose of the website is when building a business website. When you are done deciding the type website you want, you are now ready to build the information and pick the right images, videos or other functions you want to include on your web pages. In making a website, this is the crucial part. The data you would like to put on your website will display the overall image and functionality of your website and it should get people to visit your site.
The purpose of building a site is to draw attention from consumers and give your business a huge exposure. You can also use your website as a retail site, an online store using a shopping cart. As such, the data you will put on your website should be informative, helpful and to the point. That is the start of how to build a website content.
You will soon start to visualize where everything goes. You will also have to preview your work from time to time to see if everything falls exactly where you want them and functioning properly. After everything falls into place, you are ready to share your website live and reach out to consumers via search engines and ad campaigns.

Website With WordPress Themes

A innovative software makes it possible for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke, and Blogger individuals to easily build templates within a short period of time. Shopperpress is often a turn-key all set “out in the box” shopping cart solution answer. You merely set up, decide on the theme, increase items plus your willing to commence acknowledging purchases.

Instead, I use a WordPress theme that I installed in less than a half hour. After that I just added loads of great content such as images, articles, videos. All of this content ranks well in the search engines and I gain a great deal of new business through this very inexpensive website. All website owners who host the WordPress blogs would like their website to make a distinctive impression, which they can only accomplish with the use of the best themes.

Fortunately, as the need for cheap and affordable web development, coding and WordPress themes has risen dramatically in the age of ecommerce, studios of hundreds of professional qualified programmers are available to fill all sorts of requests with unique content and reasonable turnaround times.A lot of creator and editor find a best and professional a photographer to have a perfect and appealing image to put in their themes; this is really a major part in just about every business to possess a imaginative and distinctive photographs as effectively as logos to set up as their identification to a selected expense.

However you may not always be able to find the template you are looking for through this catalogue. Often it is hard to gauge just how well it will look on your site from a tiny thumbnail. In instances like this you can surf around the web looking for free WordPress themes.Similarly one can also find a number of WordPress templates which help in making the work of writing the blog easier. Since the template is already present, all one needs to do is type in the content and the blog is ready. There are also a number of sites that help in designing your own WordPress themes.

But, hiring such professionals may not always be the best option available. One can make use of the various free premium WordPress themes available. Premium themes are themes which are created by professional designers. Therefore the quality of such themes is never going to be a problem. Downloading the free application from its site and a bit of reading will prove beneficial for suitable use of best WordPress themes.

Create Your Website

Photography, with its many definitions and kinds, is now considered as a very broad field. If the photographer aims to take pictures out of the facts only which means there is no embellishment or alteration, then s/he is into photojournalism, one of the innumerable kinds of photography. If the photography aims to tell stories about certain events, then it’s documentary photography. If a photographer is fast enough to be able to capture present actions, sports photography is also recommended; however, s/he ought to know the subject first in order to capture the best shots.
If there are new kinds of photography coming out nowadays, it’s still good to note the oldest styles of photography such as portraiture. This skill in portrait photography is also applicable in another form of photography called wedding photography wherein the photographer may also have use techniques to capture the bride and groom at their best. There are also some kinds of photography such as advertising and travel photography which offers a greater income for photographers that’s why many of them try. To show your prospect clients your works, it’s always a must to create your website; this will compile the different outputs of your chosen craft.
If you really want to create your website, you need to secure a portfolio feature or a photo gallery. Five to twenty pages and plenty of storage space for high-quality image files are needed for your new photography website. Facebook and other social media integration as well as blog options are also vital. A domain name and email account should also be included together with attractive design templates.
As a guide in terms of design, color schemes, and photo galleries, you may want to go surfing first and start taking a look at other sites so that you already know when you already start to create your website. This will also give you an idea of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to photography website. It’s also good that before you actually make the new photography website, you already set the goals to accomplished. Included in the goal setting are the following considerations: budget, time and expertise, future, features, and primary purpose.
Deciding which type of photography website you need is the next step after setting the goals. Types of photography website include simple and complex blog, simple and complex websites, as well as Clikpic and Photium. If you have chosen the blog type, you can avail free services from Blogger and even without having a formal programming knowledge. You can also try the so-called Photoblogs which are aside from being solely dedicated to photos, are also simple, versatile and cheap promotional tools.
If the site has a simple structure and basic features like a photo gallery, about pages, newsletter subscription service and a blog, then it is under the simple websites. You can simply use HTML and CSS, or Content Management System (CMS) software for this kind of website. Using a service like Clikpic and Photium is suggested for photographers who don’t need an expensive custom designed website, and can be a lot cheaper. All they have to do is to register their account and then create their own website using the templates available and then pay for it monthly.

Effective Use Of WordPress


WordPress has become one of the most popular blogging packages on the Internet; this is largely due to its ease of use and its object oriented design which allows the user to easily extend its capabilities in the form of WordPress Plugins. The WordPress plugins repository is a high-availability set of development tools — a wiki, version control using Subversion, and bug tracker — that aims to nurture the active WordPress development community.


Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. Plugins offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their site to their specific needs. Plugins are one of the most valuable elements of WordPress as a platform. You can download a fresh version of WordPress with the plugins you select, or just a zip of all your favorite plugins. More and more plugins are starting to use AJAX techniques. For any WordPress user, plugins are essential. Luckily there is already a few plugins out there for that, but sometimes your readers will suggest something that has yet to be implemented as a plugin. Semiologic CMS is a set of plugins and themes for WordPress that work together to turn a WordPress blog into more of a content management system. Each plugin is activated separately, so if you want to use a couple of the plugins, you can do so without running the plugins you don’t want.


Tags in the Head is a WordPress plugin that attempts to make your website both more machine and human readable by using the ‘Tags’ you specify as META keywords in a page’s header. When using this plugin, you can use the WordPress’ categories as tags — no additional tagging plugin is needed. Some search engines are supposed to love this tag, so I guess we should, too. This plugin is extremely easy to install and it will create a dynamic Meta Description Tag for every page on your blog, based on post excerpts or on the first words of the page.


WP-FLV is a plugin to help you add flash video to your WordPress site. It holds the URL to your Flash Video file. For instance generate a list of video links rather then show the player. It was really easy to get this running, and I think it looks more professional then most of the non free flash video players. It is easy to simply pop it up, but its hard to specify the sizes of the windows they open in, especially when all the videos have different resolutions.


Adsense Deluxe allows you to automatically insert Google Adsense with ease. Adsense-Deluxe allows you to test your Adsense styles without having to edit your WordPress templates. There are a lot of ways you can add ads to your WordPress blog. Google Adsense has become the most popular online contextual advertising program. WordPress allows bloggers to easily integrate Google Adsense inside wordpress using plugins.


Social Bookmark Plugin : Make it easy for users to bookmark your posts in del. Socializer is way to submit your post to all of the social bookmark networks at once. It include 37 social bookmark networks (digg, de. Bookmark Me by Denis de BernardyLists links to common social bookmarking sites. This is an excellent way to promote your articles on one of the most popular social bookmarking sites around. This plugin is very useful for handling sudden bursts of traffic coming from social bookmarking sites like Digg and Slashdot. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of WordPress plugins available for download. Top 10 Underrated WordPress Plugins those plugins are certainly awesome, but there are many others out there that can be life savers, and people often neglect them.

Building Membership Websites With WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly a very helpful tool for the purposes of internet marketing. Highly flexible, convenient to install and easy to use are its unique selling points that simply cannot be ignored. Popular among those who resort to it for getting super marketing results in the long run, it is the most appropriate tool that can make a business rock and run well. Due to its simplicity one can have a website up and running in only a matter of minutes. Most internet marketers are resorting to the popular and immensely beneficial advantages of WordPress day by day. Along with the WordPress sites enter the WordPress Membership Sites that actually enables internet marketers to earn lucrative profits.

A WordPress Membership Site is a platform that enables internet marketers to offer products and services and generate income from multiple customers. There are many types on WordPress Membership Sites and the primary ones are:

Content: It enables you to provide ongoing new content on a regular basis and people pay a monthly fee for access to the content they want to read.

Protected Downloads: When one sells digital products he or she may not want unwanted persons to pass on product information to others. In many cases internet marketers may want to block the access of such persons in case they ask for a refund. The safe way to ensure the prevention of the above is to protect products under a WordPress Membership Site.

UPS Delivery: The Private Label Rights Membership popular under this Membership Sites category enables the seller to deliver content package to his customers on a regular basis each month.

Course Materials: It is popular for the selling of course modules that are delivered automatically at a predefined time on a regular basis.

Micro Continuity: It automatically delivers course content for a fixed period of time for e.g. three to six months.

Project Management: If one is running a virtual business this type of WordPress Membership Site is very beneficial to him or her. A virtual business means working with people all over the world and with the right membership one can successfully create a private membership for one’s company with ease.

Thus, with the right WordPress Membership Site one can really enhance one’s business prospects and make one’s company churn out streamless profits in the long run easily with outstanding success!

Marketing Process In Five Basic Steps

When I first started out trying to figure out the Internet marketing game, I spent hours trying to figure out what to do. I went on forums, created pages and tried to understand what SEO even meant. (Optimizing people searching for you on the Internet) and, it was like greek. I eventually figured out I needed a marketing process. I needed a capture page, landing page, blog, needed to write articles and some type of social media. But how can I do this was the question I had. I spent money, tried to write articles and got minimal results.

This time I needed a marketing process to promote a primary business and I went straight to the experts and found out what they did and now I am an expert too. I am not so smart that I mastered the Internet because of my brains. I found a step by step marketing process and I hope I can help anyone struggling with what they are trying to do.

So simple as a recipe I am writing a marketing process with 5 basis steps to get market on the Internet without spending thousands of dollars and years of time trying to figure it out.

1. Have a good primary business to offer. Do some research and make sure the company has some survivorship and is in a good financial position. Make
sure you believe in the product or service you are offering and find a good team of leaders who can guide you both online and off. Make sure it is affordable and it does offer a great marketing process to follow!

2. Get into a lead system generating company that has proven results with good leadership. This will allow you to set up your capture page to get leads, sales page and help you get domains, and give you a step by step plan to market your business fast. The company will offer training and help
you with all of the steps. Your marketing process here should be affordable too. There are some companies that charge a lot more for the same thing.

3. Write Articles everyday and the company you do join to help with your Internet marketing should have some article submission software available for you to choose from. I am with Automatic Article Submitter but there are more to choose from. My company gave me a few really good suggestions and also has training on how to do this. Again this is very important to your marketing process because once you have the software it is free to promote yourself and help others gain the knowledge you are aquiring.

4. Start a Blog. I use WordPress. I used to use Blogspot and both are good but I think WordPress is a little harder but it has features that are really professional looking. In your marketing process this step will redirect people to you as an expert and help them gain knowledge. When you are with a great company they will want to know how you did it.

5. Get on to all social networks and becareful on how you promote. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Linked in are some good ones. As I stated before the company that helps you massivly generate leads is the company that will have training and resources on how to do this correctly.

I can’t write all the information it takes to get off the ground but with the right marketing process you will be up and making money from home or from your laptop in the Bahama’s in no time at all!